Pedantic Skippers V Application of Good Seamanship

Pedantic Skippers V Application of Good Seamanship.
Here is an example which highlights the contrasting behavior.
Bolton at the interview & hearing described an experience with another company’s Ferry in an almost identical situation 3 miles West of Browns Island Beacon.
As Classique was heading East with Bean Rock on its starboard side, a Fullers Ferry was on a course of about 286 degrees True, heading from Half Moon Bay to Bean rock where it would turn to port & then head to Auckland – just the same situation as Seaway had faced except this Fullers skipper with the application of good sea manners adjusted the encounter to permit the vessels to pass under favourable circumstances.
He must have seen by Classique’s size that she with a deep keel , would have reluctance turning to port towards Bean Rock as Maritime Rules ask of a Give-way vessel – there wasn’t much distance out from Bean Rock . Stopping would’ve been an inconvenient option for Classique but the Fullers skipper did quite an amazingly decent thing – before he reached Bean Rock he made a decisive turn to his port & back to 286 degrees again which indicated to Bolton that the Fullers skipper understood the predicament & was prepared to let Classique continue ok.
By contrast, M Pigneguy had pedantically Stood-on as if to make his point regarding his misunderstanding of Maritime Rules for Phillip Sweetman to witness & for Classique to be encumbered.
Seaway had several reasons why it should’ve turned to Port …
(a) Seaway was at or had passed the point it would turn to port around Browns Island thence to Auckland on its Regular Run
(b) Classique was ahead of Seaway 460 mtrs before the point of the alleged incident even though Seaway had been turning towards the path of Classique since prior to Photo 1 – as soon as Classique was ahead, Seaway was relieved of any obligation it felt it had to stand-on – it was free to maneuver as it chose.
(c) Regardless of M Pigneguy saying he was not allowed by Rule 22.17 to turn to port for a vessel on his own port side & that Classique was no longer on his port side anyway, Rule 22.8 gives him permission to make any maneuver as long as it’s positive, made in ample time & with due regard to the observance of good seafaring practice – just as the Fullers ferry did – large enough to be readily apparent to Classique.
(d) That’s where a pedantic Skipper makes himself a nuisance by not encompassing all the 40 Rules at his disposal & with tunnel vision or a chip on his shoulder, sticking to one past its use-by date – to his detriment & other vessels in his vicinity.

Fuller’s positive maneuver allowing Classique to proceed
compared with Seaway’s course turning towards Classique
as it unnecessarily stands-on when it could’ve turned port

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