Maritime NZ & Crown Law Block Julian Joy’s Report

Maritime NZ & Crown Law Block Julian Joy’s Report –
from a Rehearing which would overturn their ill-gotten gains.
In their submissions they said “That the weight to be given to the Joy Report must be diminished given the partiality & inappropriate views on the ultimate outcome that have been expressed.”
Mr Joy being a Senior Lecturer at the Maritime Nautical School has higher Navigational & Maritime qualifications than Barry Young who appears to have jeoardised his professional standing
by unethically presenting misleading & incorrect statements to aid MNZ’s case –( as a person who willingly uses his talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money.)
In response to Crown Law Mark Davies submission that Mr Joy has inappropriately assumed the role of advocate for the Applicant, Julian Joy in a second Report wrote – “My position was stated in my Disclosure. In addition, as an expert it is a requirement that I make professional findings regarding a professional industry standard of navigation & behavior in the maritime environment, It is therefore inevitable that my findings would lean towards allocating responsibilities & indicating which parties may not have carried out their professional responsibilities fully or partly. In this case I found that the Applicant does not carry the responsibility for the situation; this does not mean I am solely an advocate for the applicant. Refer also to my concluding remarks to this document.”
“My investigation of this matter brings me to the conclusion … & largely as a result of the inaccurate advice given to the Court, the wrong conclusion to this matter was reached

People are quick to Judge but slow to correct themselves-

Slow especially in this footwear

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