M Pigneguy’s comment about Squat & meaning of Rogue Ferry.

M Pigneguy’s comment about Squat & meaning of Rogue Ferry.
In the pre hearing Disclosed documents was a superfluous Declaration from M Pigneguy giving an explanation of the Squatting Pheomenon as the reason for not going over the 5 mtr contour line out from Browns Light. Seaway would drop a knot in speed so it’s found beneficial to remain I depths of greater than 5 mtrs if possible.
Bolton had written to the effect that this information meant “Diddly Squat” as there was no reason to be going into that area anyway. When Bolton said there was 10 mtrs over it at high tide, he meant there would be an extra 10 feet over the basic 5 mtrs existing at low tide – the 10 feet being 3 mtrs of tide which would add up to 8 mtrs or more.
So squat wouldn’t be an issue on that count either especially as Seaway’s normal track is shown as going across 5.4 & 5.6 mtrs for more than 2 nmiles after it does turn for Auckland out from Browns Light.
M Pigneguy commented …
“Again your assumptions are very interesting and quite erroneous. You say for example, that squat ‘would appear to irrelevant considering that the high tide would produce a depth of 10m in the area concerned’ The area concerned, as I have previously mentioned, was the 5 metre bank that lies to the north of the Brown’s Is light. If you are saying that there was 10m of depth there, you are also saying that there was a 5m tide, which of course is ridiculous. So please check your facts. If you would like to come on the Seaway when we cross the 5m contour you will see that our speed does indeed drop by 1knot, every time. It’s called the squat effect. Happens every time.
Also, what does the term “rogue ferry’ mean?? The Seaway was on a regular and on my regular course; so please explain.
Before I continue any discussion, I wish to know who I am conversing with and what your maritime qualifications are,”
Bolton had used the term “Rogue Ferry” to describe the incremental turning of the ferry towards the path of Classique with the effect of preventing Classique crossing earlier with a lot more clearance.
For M Pigneguy to maintain at this stage after the hearing that Seaway was on its “Regular Course, my Regular Course” is contrary to what Judge Davis said – “For some unexplained reason Seaway was doing something different to usual”
Barry Young begrudgingly admitted that Seaway had turned 2.4 degrees towards Classique & that was within the distance covered by the 3 Photos – it didn’t include the 6 degrees Bolton calculated Seaway had turned prior to the taking of Photo 1 as from Sth Motuihe.
As to those associated with Nautical Protocol, there is a wealth of Navigational & Legal qualifications supported also by Admiralty class interpretive references such as …
“Farwell’s Rules of the Nautical Road” 8th Edition by Craig Allen – can be seen by clicking here …

Farwell’s Rules of the Nautical Road

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