Gary Neill made a comment – This guy Bolton is unbelievable

Gary Neill made a comment – “This guy Bolton is unbelievable”.
Gary hails from the Tauranga direction, is ex Maritime School & professionally employed perhaps as a skipper.
It’s not clear whether he has read the posts or has formed his opinion as a result of having an acquaintance with M Pigneguy.
Just what assumptions, interpretations & assessments regarding Rules of the Road referred to is unclear – what logic is scary & dangerous would be interesting to have explained.
Here is the Comment by Gary Neill
“This guy Bolton is unbelieveable
Further evidence that strict examination and licensing is needed on our waters. These are International laws that us that have made the sea professional careers have had to understand chapter and verse before allowed to take a watch. This Wally makes his own assumptions, interpretations and assessments to suit in total ignorance of what the “Rules of the Road”, as they have been called for generations, actually mean. His logic is extremely scary and dangerous to anyone on the water.”
Perhaps if Gary Neill did continue to read the posts, he may have a different outlook now because it seems as if he’s talking about M Pigneguy, Barry Young & MNZ as being unbelievable with their assumptions, interpretations & assessments regarding Nautical Rules of the Road, being illogical, scary & dangerous.
For example violating all the collision regulations is quite ok as long as the professional skipper has a camera to record other ignorant harbour users – his knowledge is so superior they don’t need to know of any concern he might have, just leave them in the dark as to his intentions to get them pedantically prosecuted
as M Pigneguy has demonstrated.
An improvement is now recommended after the decision made by Judge Davis – it’s better to actually hit the other vessel – have severe damage & even cause loss of life because the penalty will be less, as will the time, if any, involved in Court processes .
Judge Davis’s decision has done the Maritime community a disservice especially in areas where ferries have Regular Runs.
It needs to be redressed & have Bolton exonerated.

No Crime but Prejudice brought about this wrongful prosecution
No Crime

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