Barry Young will lose the Respect of Gary Neill, Napier

Barry Young will be losing the Respect of Gary Neill, Napier
Gary wrote: “Capt. Barry Young would be one of the most respected Mariners and Tutors in the NZ Maritime world of professionals. Very strong grounds for a law suit I would think. But then Barry is such a nice man he wouldn’t anyway. Bolton and co. should not be allowed on the water. In Australia he would be spending time in jail now for a clear “failure to give way” case.”
Gary Neill could well write in the past tense now after reading how Barry Young prostituted his integrity by disregarding his Code of Conduct as an Expert Witness in acting as a “Hired Gun” for Maritime NZ & Crown Law in misleading Judge Davis.
Julian Joy in his Report identified at least 23 main points of evidence on which Barry Young perverted the course of justice in this case – these points were covered in a late February post entitled “The Report Covers 23 points Over Which, it would appear, The Court Was Mislead.”
Bolton would add another unprofessional denial by Barry Young who denigrated the Rule of Thumb or Line of Sight method for determining Risk of Collision – covered in the previous post.
As to a Law suit, that would more likely be part of the Redress Bolton should seek against Barry Young & the other prosecution witnesses for such dishonesty which is not very nice to have happen in our Justice system.
Obviously Garry Neill has not studied the situation which he calls a “failure to give way”
Classique was not a Give-way vessel until M Pigneguy unilaterally converted the category of approach by turning towards her. This was covered in a post early in April “Seaway was travelling at over twice the speed of Classique”
Briefly, it points out that the channel from Sth Motuihe to the position marked as the incident is about 2 nmiles long. In the time Seaway takes to cover those 2 nmiles, Classique had to have covered 1 nmile so that indicates Classique was East of the line M Pigneguy drew as his course, 0.25 nmile from Browns Light, therefore Seaway had also gone East of that course by turning incrementally as the Photos confirm.

The point of incident had to be more than 0.25 nmile out from Browns Light –
indicating that Seaway had turned towards the path of Classique to
manufacture the close quarters complained about when Classique was not
a Give-way vessel until that action by M Pigneguy in violation of Maritme Rules

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