“Expert Witnesses Were Extremely Well Respected” –Gary Neill

“Expert Witnesses Were Extremely Well Respected” –Gary Neill
This can be now read in the past tense considering their perjury & the miscarriage of justice it was designed to bring about.
Gary Neill commented “What a load of crap. The expert witnesses were extremely well respected Mariners from the professional world.” – they certainly have lost that respect now.
Bolton fully appraised MNZ & Crown Law, Mark Davies as from the Interview thru to the Hearing, of the many Collision Regulations violated by the relieving skipper of Seaway, M Pigneguy but they disregarded all the evidence that Bolton was not Guilty – see post “Crown Law & MNZ Make a Mockery of the District Court” – late April – there are many other instances.
Some of Barry Young’s behavior was mentioned in the previous post – “Barry Young will lose the Respect of Gary Neill, Napier”
References to M Pigneguy’s disgraceful conduct can be found in “M Pigneyguy concludes his evidence by answering questions put to him by Bolton.” – plus a multitude of other posts.
One of his most blatantly untrue statements is that he “stopped Seaway, dead in the water” etc when he didn’t even appear to have slowed at all. Another is that he steered a straight 286 degree course when his own photos show that he turned towards the path of Classique, Barry Young begrudgingly admitted about half of the amount Seaway turned & Julian Joy in his Report illustrated very well the lines to North Shore moving up as Seaway was turning within the 3 Photos.
A post in early Mar has the 3 photos with his markings –
“Establishing the Headings of Seaway ll (Julian Joy Report)”
Even Phillip Sweetman was drawn into the collusion – referred to in a post late January “Watchman Phillip Sweetman was being questioned about confused contents” He was being shown how to take photos in preparation for Court evidence – that was before he knew his navigation & watchkeeping function.
The question arises as to why these otherwise reputable adults would jeopardize their previously, perhaps, good reputations.
Vigilante-ism on the waterfront could explain it & this was mentioned in a post late February – “Was there a conspiracy or vigilante type possibility behind this prosecution?”
When the purposely inaccurate articles were published by Keith Ingram & M Pigneguy in Professional Skipper Magazine at the same time as MNZ were publishing their dishonest Press Releases, they certainly indicate that the Facts of the matter were of no consequence – they reveled in unjustly getting the wrong skipper prosecuted, convicted & punitively fined.

Images have become tarnished


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