Regarding 1 Transit & Bearing Sufficient To Fix A Location

Regarding 1 Transit & Bearing Sufficient To Fix A Location
Gary Neill of Napier commented – “Total Rubbish & Flawed”
The topic was being discussed about 2/3rds thru Feb in a post “Perjury is committed when”
Barry Young was disallowing Bolton his fixing the location of Photo 1 by taking the agreed transit from Sentinal Building over the flat shelf of Rangitoto, intersected with a Compass Bearing from Sky Tower. “No” Barry Young said “You must have something else in transit to give you a position line”
Even though Bolton was showing how that Compass Bearing did become a transit as it was held between Browns Island & Browns Light, Barry Young still obstinately refused to accept it as he was in the process of misleading Judge Davis as to what could be deduced from Photo 1 when Barry Young couldn’t see it, although it was perfectly feasible for a navigator to do so.
Looking at the navigational principle involved from a reasonable point of view, a navigator is often only able to get one transit & he doesn’t require 2 Transits to get a fix of location if he’s got a compass bearing to another feature. It’s only the likes of a chap out fishing perhaps, who if it’s possible will take 3 transits to pinpoint a good spot to return to later.
The same as a navigator can take 3 position lines with a compass to fix a location but if he’s moving he’ll get a cocked hat within which his location will be, so it’s not as accurate as 3 transits.
It is professionally dishonest for Barry Young to deny that one transit with the intersection of a Compass Bearing is not an accurate fix of location & for Gary Neill to think as Barry Young does that 2 transits are needed for a fix, is equally unfounded.
Barry Young was prepared to mislead Judge Davis considering his ulterior motives as a “Hired Gun” – what Gary Neill with his claimed qualifications has to gain by denying a valid navigational principle is unclear.

Illustrating how either 2 transits or 1 transit intercepted by a
compass bearing will find the same favourite fishing spot or location.
Sometimes its easier for 1 method than the other but both are valid methods.

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