M Pigneguy’s list of untrue perjurous statements continues

M Pigneguy’s list of untrue & perjurous statements continues
17: That Classique was the Give-way vessel & Seaway ll, the stand-on vessel. (To start with the approach was such that if both vessels kept their course & speed each would’ve passed clear of the other. M Pigneguy was not entitled to unilaterally alter the nature of approach by negligently turning towards Classique to create a Stand-on/Give-way situation)
18: “That there was nothing to prevent Classique at the Photo 1 position from maneuvering to starboard”. ( M Pigneguy had just finished explaining to Judge Davis his reasons because of the shallows near Browns Light for not going there & yet he then said it was ok for Classique to enter that no go area. Obscured in photo 1 was the proximity of Browns Light & Browns Island itself – these locations were unprofessionally disallowed by Barry Young to be known to Judge Davis)
19: At Photo 2 position M Pigneguy told Judge Davis that he “definitely couldn’t turn to port”. ( With Classique now ahead of Seaway, it was perfectly ok for M Pigneguy to turn to port – additionally as Seaway was at the point of turning in that direction to head for Auckland on its Regular Run, it would’ve been keeping its course according to Maritime Rules.)
20: M Pigneguy said at Photo 2 he sounded 5 short & rapid blasts (In his claim & Brief of Evidence he said it was at 80 mtrs off that those signals were sounded)
21: He went on to explain that the handheld aerosol hooter was a suitable alternative to the ship’s whistle, because a lot of smaller vessels have them. ( Any signal must be sounded on a horn complying with Appendix 3 – the aerosol replacement had no chance of complying & could not be heard at 1 nmile distance in the listening station of Classique as required. That the blasts were sounded at 80 mtrs or at Photo 2 indicates another violation as neither positions were as required by Maritime Rules to be IMMEDIATELY M Pigneguy had his 1st concerns, which was further than 1 nmile away)
22: Again M Pigneguy assured Judge Davis that his sounding of the 2 or 3 series of blasts was in accordance with the rule of the road. ( If the blasts were at 80 mtrs, he couldn’t have made them in the time available. If at photo 2, that was too late & they were not made such that they could be heard according to Maritime Rules on a complying horn.)
23: He states “ I started sounding the blasts when they were about – when he was about 80 mtrs away, which is probably close to where that second photo was taken” (This indicates an unprofessional confusion by M Pigneguy of Judge Davis as photo 1 had been determined at 0.5nmile & Photo 2 at about half way which would be about 462mtrs – a quarter nmile of 1850 mtrs)
24: M Pigneguy then says “if I didn’t do anything, we were going to collide with Classique” (He was obliged by the Rules to have kept his course but as he had been turning towards Classique, 1 thing he could’ve done was to get back to his earlier course or turn to port & head for Auckland according to the ferry’s Regular Run. It was also unnecessary for him to consider that only his action was required, as Bolton had been monitoring the ferry’s rogue behavior & was prepared to increase Classique’s speed if necessary – there would’ve been no collision at all)
Perjurous statements continue …

Confusion which mislead Judge Davis
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