M Pigneguy continues to Pervert the Course of Justice

M Pigneguy continues to Pervert the Course of Justice
25: He mislead the Judge by saying the 1st series of sounds from the aerosol hooter was at “80 mtrs away which is probably close to where Photo 2 was taken” – (That was blatantly untrue considering there were about 362 mtrs between those 2 locations) then M Pigneguy states “In fact in photo2, I might have already started slowing down because Classique is just starting to cross the bow a little bit more”
(For Judge Davis who knows nothing of maritime matters, this could not be assessed by him for the deceit contained in it – this statement reveals the arrogance coming from an otherwise educated person who seems to think that respect for the Law is for others.
To a navigator these facts are readily available in the photos 1,2 & 3 provided by M Pigneguy …
(a) Photo 1 – was taken at about 0.5 nmile away – 925 mtrs.
(b) In the time Seaway travels 925 mtrs, Classique will travel half that – 462 mtrs. Speeds 15.5 & 7 knots respectively.
(c) Classique is on a line projecting very close to the port bow of Seaway which measures to starboard bow about 6 mtrs.
(d) Photo 2 is taken about half way between Photo 1 & 3 which would allow Seaway to have travelled 462 mtrs & Classique half that – 231 mtrs across the path of Seaway.
(e) That being the case, at the point of taking Photo 2 Classique would’ve cleared Seaway’s starboard bow by about 225 mtrs if Seaway had kept a straight course from Photo 1.
(f) Instead of seeing Classique well to the starboard side of Seaway in Photo 2, Classique’s forestay is seen covering the tall Sentinal Building where a line projected from the port side of seaway’s ramp went to in Photo 1– that indicates Classique has traveled to the point Seaway was heading to in Photo 1 but Seaway has turned starboard to a point North of the Sentinal, to a point on the flat of Rangitoto headland.
(g) From the position of Photo 2, Seaway has a further 462 mtrs to travel before Photo 3 is taken & Classique would travel another 231 mtrs across what’s left of the 6 mtr bow of Seaway – now about 4 mtrs.
(h) Instead, by photo, 3 Seaway has turned North, further up the slope of Rangitoto & the Sentinal Building cannot be seen at all as it is so far to port of Seaway’s port bow but Classique’s mast has passed the summit of Rangitoto – M Pigneguy in evidence admitted he had zoomed photo 3 – this increases the appearance of proximity, which looked 50 to 80 mtrs when observed from onboard Classique.
(i) Barry Young said to Judge Davis that if Classique had been ahead of Seaway about the position of photo 2, there would’ve been no concern & no incident for complaint.
(j) It is clear in photo 2 that Classique was already ahead of the port bow of Seaway with only a few mtrs to travel across the bow & that was after Seaway had continued to turn towards her since photo 1.
(k) Not only that but if Seaway’s course was on 286 degrees True from her turning point at Sth Motuihe, she would’ve been heading to the white cliffs just ahead of Classique & Classique would’ve been ahead of Seaway’s port bow already in photo 1 & been clear of Seaway’s starboard bow by 460 mtrs by photo 3 if Seaway had kept a straight course.
(l) For M Pigneguy to state that his possible slowing down allowed Classique to “start crossing the bow of Seaway a little bit more” is to deny that Classique was already ahead of the beam of Seaway in Photo 1, where she is seen to be.
(m) At Photo 1 Classique had only 39 mtrs to travel to cross over & Seaway had 925 mtrs to travel – by photo 3 Classique would’ve been clear by over 400 mtrs, each passing well clear of the other if Seaway had kept a straight course.
(n) It was the turning of Seaway towards the path of Classique that prevented Classique from crossing its bow a lot earlier.
(o) It was the incremental turning of Seaway towards the path of Classique which was 100% responsible for the incident manufactured by M Pigneguy for his ulterior motives.
M Pigneguy’s apparent perversions continue …

Photos 1, 2 & 3 showing how Classique has been prevented from
crossing over Seaway’s bow well before photo 3 because of
Seaway’s incremental turning towards Classique’s path since
Seaway began turning at Sth Motuihe more than 2 nmiles away.

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