M Pigneguy’s apparent perversions continue …

M Pigneguy’s apparent perversions continue …
26: Talking about the situation at Photo 3 with Judge Davis
M Pigneguy had the temerity to say “we stopped the vessel there … I sounded 5 blasts again … just as the cloud of smoke came out of the exhaust that we can see in photo 3, as you see, picking up speed … it was obvious that they did increase speed a little bit there”
That spiel was complete fantasy on M Pigneguy’s part – it was solely for the purpose of misleading Judge Davis who professed several times his ignorance of maritime matters.
(a) Seaway definitely did not stop or even appear to slow down in the slightest.
(b) M Pigneguy did not sound 5 blasts again – Bolton was at the rear of the wheelhouse by the cockpit watching
M Pigneguy fumble the small aerosol hooter out of Seaway’s window.
At the most he got out 2 indistinct noises as he sped past as fast as a ro/ro ferry would be expected to go.
2 blasts is the signal to turn to port but Seaway continued fast across the stern quarter of Classique & headed towards a point near Rangitoto wharf which in itself verifies that Seaway was steering above its stated course of 286 degrees True as it left Classique.
(c) For M Pigneguy to say “just as a cloud of smoke came out of the exhaust” throws doubt on the honesty of his observational ability. Classique never has any smoke but a large clean burning engine producing a constant volume of pure translucent steam with never any variation.
(d) Classique didn’t alter speed either – not the slightest – the throttle wasn’t touched but M Pigneguy was concocting a dishonest tale to mislead Judge Davis, tying in a fictional appearance of smoke to indicate an equally fictional increase in speed but Bolton had already tested it with HarbourMaster staff shortly after M Pigneguy made this spurious claim & Classique’s clean steam exhaust was found to remain constant even when revolutions were increased rapidly well past it’s cruising speed of 7 knots.
(e) So it was not obvious at all that Classique increased her speed because she remained at constant revolutions all the way from Auckland to SW Motuihe Island anchorage.
(f) Neither did Classique have need to increase her speed but if the rogue behavior of Seaway brought her any closer that was an option available to Classique.
The intentional fantasies of M Pigneguy continue …

Dreamy Fantsies – according to M Pigneguy’s calculations,
these mythical beings must be hurrying somewhere fast.



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