The intentional fantasies of M Pigneguy continue …

The intentional fantasies of M Pigneguy continue …
Judge Davis asks “What danger, if any was caused to you, Classique, any members of your crew or members of the public as a result of this incident?”
M Pigneguy’s fantasizes – “There was potential danger & the danger was averted by me taking avoiding action.” His fanciful delusion deepens … “If I had not done that then we would’ve had a collision with Classique, of that there is no doubt” & to cap it off …”I have it quite clear in my mind that that’s what would’ve happened, we would’ve had a collision with the Classique.”
Oh dear how sad ! M Pigneguy was unable to have what he had in mind quite clearly – an intention to have Classique off the water. All he’s been able to achieve is to show up his abysmal lack of proper seamanship, misconstrued knowledge of Collision Regulations, lack of consideration towards Recreational boaters, inability to steer Seaway straight & that acerbated with an ability to misuse cameras & mislead a District Court Judge Davis on maritime matters.
If M Pigneguy had not steered towards Classique in the 1st place, he would not have had his intended situation to complain about & he’d worked on manufacturing his incident from the time of identifying Classique as he turned towards her at Sth Motuihe 2 nmiles back, dragging Phillip Sweetman awkwardly in on the act enroute – a camera getting the action instead of a complying horn used according to Rules.
His fantasies don’t seem to extend to the slightest possibility that Bolton was monitoring Seaway’s rogue behavior & was prepared to take avoiding action if Seaway got any closer.
Then M Pigneguy repeats his other fantasy that Classique had no impediment from altering course towards the shallows of Browns Light & reef area – where he didn’t like to go either.
When questioned by Judge Davis as to his obligation to report incidents to Maritime New Zealand, M Pigneguy had no hesitation in expressing how correct that was – he could’ve also added that he wouldn’t have ever missed that chance to get attended to at last, that chip of retribution on his shoulder.
He reveals his association with Keith Ingram & Magazine next

Keith Ingram is the Chief Editor of Professional Skipper Magazine
& a Buddy of M Pigneguy, contributing author

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