M Pigneguy reveals his association with Keith Ingram & PSM

M Pigneguy reveals his association with Keith Ingram & PSM
Professional Skipper Magazine created a Net the Pirates website with a Roll of Dishonour in 2006 primarily for featuring an alleged detention of Yacht Classique by Maritime NZ in Auckland for suspected illegal charter work – Bolton responded & his letter is published that “there was never any detention re chartering illegally” but the entry is still there as the prime topic & nothing has happened on the site since back then as if the sole intention is to continue to draw adverse attention to yacht Classique’s Cost Share Crewing.
During the hearing M Pigneguy disclosed that
1: He’d been a contributor to Professional Skipper Magazine for 10 or 12 years & known Keith Ingram since the 1980’s.
2: He said that “Classique’s operations had come up over the years with various authorities. It’s not unknown what Classique has been doing, it’s general knowledge around the waterfront … when we’re in the charter boat industry we know what everyone’s doing – I used to be chairperson of Auckland Charterboat scene for a few years. It’s general knowledge of what Classique was up to at the time – since the mid 80’s. Everyone knew about it”
This was evidence which Bolton heard at the Hearing, to verify that Keith Ingram, M Pigneguy & Phillip Wardale, Manager of Bayswater Marina who was notifying Maritime NZ of Classique’s voyages, were the nucleus of the waterfront vigilante charter police. This was the group who were annoyed that Maritime NZ after checking Bolton’s crews & finding them compliant, had not prosecuted Bolton – Keith Ingram & M Pigneguy, in particular, seem to hold themselves above the law & had on their own initiative found a way to penalize Bolton indirectly to ease their personal frustration one way or another.
In the process M Pigneguy has erred exceedingly & has violated practically every Collision Regulation to achieve his nefarious objective – how he has accomplished this could only have been with the complicity of Maritime New Zealand who have turned a blind eye as to M Pigneguy being the cause of the purposely manufactured incident through his many violations of Maritime Rules designed to have prevented the situation M Pigneguy artificially created to complain about
How could M Pigneguy worsen his perversion of Justice ?

The Net the Charter Pirates & Roll of Dishonour created by Keith Ingram
to feature Classique & remains today even though it was founded on false information.



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