How could M Pigneguy worsen his perversion of Justice ?

How could M Pigneguy worsen his perversion of Justice ?
Probably by getting a severe case of foot in mouth disease.
M Pigneguy is being cross-examined by Bolton re what he did at the time Seaway turned at Sth Motuihe – he 1st sighted Classique & his feeling that there was a possible risk of collision going to develop –
Bolton put to him – “At that point your responsibility was to signal Classique that you thought risk of collision existed ?”
M Pigneyguy who believes he knows his Maritime Rules replied – “as soon as your Relative Bearing wasn’t changing from us, & then when I took the 1st photo, that was when I thought that if you weren’t going to do something soon then we were going to pass very close if not have a collision unless one of us did something. That’s the reason I started taking photographs”
(The 1st photo was taken at .05 nmile away – Seaway had already travelled 1 & 1/2 nmiles in doubt & 1/2 nmile past the range of a complying horn for Seaway’s size. As a consequence Bolton has no reason believe that Seaway has concern & Seaway is observed to be enroute to passing safely astern if it doesn’t turn at Browns Light for Auckland)
Bolton suggested to M Pigneguy – “So at that early point the Rules say you are to immediately notify the other vessel that you consider risk of collision exists ?”
M Pigneguy replies ‘It doesn’t say that” This was said in front of Judge Davis who not knowing anything nautical, was listening intently to a man who’d sworn to tell the truth.
Obviously this shows his ignorance of Maritime Rule 22.34.4 which does in fact state clearly “ the vessel in doubt must IMMEDIATELY indicate such doubt by sounding at least 5 short & rapid blasts” & that signal must be sounded on a complying horn to be heard from Seaway at 1 nmile distant.
M Pigneyguy is misleading Judge Davis to accept that taking a photograph is a substitute for following what his legal obligation is to alert the other vessel of any concern.
Instead he uses a camera with the intention of recording his planned entrapment of a vessel in peaceful passage.
M Pigneguy continues to prevaricate in evidence …

Unfortunately for M Pigneguy –
a Camera & handheld aerosol hooter don’t equal a Ship’s complying whistle

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