The report M Pigneguy gave to MNZ reads …

The report M Pigneguy gave to MNZ reads … “(1) Location 26*49 S 174*54 E. 20*T x .25′ from Browns Is Light. We were on our regular run, Kennedy Point (Waiheke) to Auckland City (Wynyard wharf) After rounding Sth Motuihe, I was (2) steering 286* true at 15.5knots. I saw a (3) large yacht under power aprox 30* on my port bow crossing port to starboard. I (4) maintained course & speed. (5) The yacht appeared to alter it’s course slightly but not enough to avoid collision as its relative bearing barely altered. (6) When the yacht was aprox 80 mtrs away I sounded 5 blasts on our ship’s whistle. (7) There was no response even after a further sounding of 5 blasts. It became obvious that a collision was imminent & unless I took action by slowing right down to allow the yacht to pass ahead of us. (10) At this point a cloud of smoke was seen to come out from the yacht’s exhaust as it accelerated away from us. (11) Another 5 blasts brought a wave from the yacht’s female helmsperson who was the only person on deck. (12) The yacht’s name Classique was visible across its stern as it passed down our starboard side. (13) It was overcast with good visibility. Wind 10 knots, slight sea. (14) Seaway, 16 passengers, 4 crew, 6 cars. (15) the incident is clearly visible in the 3 attached photographs. Section – What contributed to incident ? (16)Total ignorance by the helmsperson of the yacht Classique of the Rule of the road & safety at sea.”
This report was rearranged & the 16 points copied by watchman Phillip Sweetman in his Statutory Declaration, swearing its veracity.

Course & location provided by M Pigneguy                      Close to the location near Browns Island of the alleged incident2014-01-08_1014         download (7)


The vocanic formation of Browns Island                            A view back to Auckland from Browns Island Eastern headland
download (8)               download (9)

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