Judge Davis then makes his appraisal of the 3 photos

Judge Davis then makes his appraisal of the 3 photos …
After Bolton had described how he determined the turning Seaway made from one photo to the next by projecting a line to the shore from the port side of the ferry’s ramp, Judge Davis apologizes to everyone else with nautical knowledge there if he’s greatly oversimplifying it & then tries to interpret the photos for his own clarification.
Photo1: “pointing pretty much directly towards the structure on the North Shore in Takapuna” (Sentinal building) ? Agreed.
Photo 2: We’ve got the ferry ramp pointing towards the North Shore & if I look between the mast & whatever that white thing is going down on an angle – as I say forgive my lack of nautical knowledge,am I correct it’s the same structure? (Yes)
Judge Davis – “Doesn’t that say, Mr Bolton, that Mr Pigneguy was more or less heading on the same course ?
Bolton explains how Classique’s forestay is on the same building that the ferry was on to start with. Classique has move up an inch or so & so has the ferry moved up to make it look as if Classique is still on the ferry’s bow instead of it being ahead or already crossed over. The ferry has moved up 3 degrees between photo 1 & 2 but what is not shown in the photos is that the ferry had turned from its course of 286* to 292* at the time of taking photo 1.
Photo 3: “There’s Classique with a wake, is it, behind it, which seems to me to be going straight across the bow of the ferry. Isn’t that a crossing?”
Bolton – “That’s because the ferry has turned up to make it look like a crossing when it wasn’t to start with. He was obliged to keep his course & speed but failed to do so.”
Judge Davis puts to M Pigneguy that “Bolton could’ve passed or crossed across Seaway’s bow quite safely but Seaway turned to starboard & made this look a whole lot worse than what it is.”
Pigneguy replied with a monumentally fabricated avoidance of the truth – “In those 3 photos sir, I’ve maintained both course & speed until the last one in photo 3. Seaway is just about stopped in the water otherwise we would’ve collided with Classique. That’s the only thing that changed. I did not turn to starboard as he says”
At that point M Pigneguy was supported by the witness box otherwise the huge length his nose had grown to would’ve over balanced him. Even if Judge Davis couldn’t see the turning visible in the photos, it was there & verified by both Barry Young & Julian Joy as well – the only difference between all calculations was a matter of how much turning occurred. Seaway wasn’t stopped or even slowed & there was no truth in thinking that a collision was avoided by a theoretical slowing. That’s an idea which he needs to change.
M Pigneguy bamboozles Judge Davis further ..

              A remarkable similarity to a selfie of M Pigneguy

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