M Pigneguy bamboozles Judge Davis further

M Pigneguy bamboozles Judge Davis further …
Or was it Judge Davis bamboozling M Pigneguy ?
Judge Davis put to M Pigneguy – “That Mr Bolton’s criticism of your skippering is 2 fold …
1: you turned into his path, which you’ve disagreed with.
2: allied to the 1st, is had you maintained your original course, Mr Bolton would’ve gone or been able to cross in front of you at a safe distance – sorry, at a distance of 467 mtrs or thereabouts. Do you agree with that?
This statement put to M Pigneguy could have been a little confusing, in that Judge Davis uses the word “original” course but when the clearance of 467 mtrs is combined, it should’ve been obvious to M Pigneguy that Judge Davis is talking of the course of 286 degrees as being the “Original” course Seaway was on coming up to photo 1 & from which Bolton said Seaway had deviated from thereafter thru photos 2 & 3 but
M Pigneguy is not interested in being honest in clarifying the matter & Judge Davis is now taken advantage of – bamboozling is what follows as M Pigneguy waffles on about how if he stayed on the “Original” course from Waiheke & not changed course Seaway wouldn’t have had a collision with Classique but Seaway would’ve run into Browns Island.
He then goes on about harbour traffic, what he looks out for & at what distances. Next he thinks that Bolton got confused with Seaway’s “Original” course coming around Sth Motuihe & having to alter course to go to the next leg around Browns Island with about 2 nmiles to travel, so no problem.
At which point Bolton assures M Pigneguy that it has to do with that course from Sth Motuihe up to the point of alleged incident.
Judge Davis asks for M Pigneguy’s chart to look at for clarification, goes over the 3 courses on & checks with Bolton that it was the 286* course we’re saying Seaway changed direction on.
Bolton shows how from Sth Motuihe, Seaway turned from 260* up to 286* & continued turning a further 11 degrees to the 297* course it was steering at Photo 3 position.
Judge Davis puts it again to M Pigneguy who says with his characteristic denial of the truth “Absolutely not, sir. There’d be no reason to do that unless I wanted to put Seaway at risk & my certificate”
Judge Davis puts to M Pigneguy that Bolton’s evidence using the 3 photos & points on land etc demonstrates the change of course to which M Pigneguy responds with further bamboozling waffle of how it might be possible but it depends on having “2 objects in transit with one another, 2 known objects in transit with one another so that gives you a good, true bearing line”
After explaining what transits are & the possible difficulties of obtaining an accurate position he’s asked by Judge Davis whether he accepts the a uthenticity of Bolton’s science …
Again M Pigneguy has no hesitation in avoiding the truth “Not in this case, sir, no”
Bolton is asked if that summarises his position – to which says the conditions & method used was precise & perfect – can M Pigneguy accept the way it was done ?
M Pigneguy’s response of “Not in this situation, sir” is denying the validity of any professional navigator’s skill.
Bolton actually had 2 excellent transits gained from Photo 1
& one of those transits doubled as a compass bearing intersecting the very transit which Barry Young accepted. Julian Joy who has the highest navigational qualifications, also used the same methods & arrived at the identical position.
More methodology is disputed by M Pigneguy …

   M Pigneguy has both hands full



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