Further paucity of M Pigneguy’s Seamanship is revealed

Further paucity of M Pigneguy’s Seamanship is revealed.
He was asked by Bolton – “why didn’t you use your VHF radio if the horn wasn’t being responded to ?”
M Pigneguy responds – “The number of times I use VHF radio, no one ever replies, especially if they’re in the wrong. It’s a waste of time & time was running out rapidly. By the time I had spoken on that VHF radio & waited for your reply, it would’ve been too late.”
Bolton – “Wouldn’t you agree that when you had your 1st concern, it was the time to be using the horn & perhaps VHF radio, not at a later stage ?”
M Pigneguy – “The 1st real concerns I had, you were half a nmile or less away, within seconds of a collision. It’s not the time to start talking on your radio I would suggest.”
Bolton – “At the time of taking the 1st photo you were 2.34 minutes away.”
To this point M Pigneguy has shown again that –
1: he’s got a gripe about what he perceives as ignorant recreational boaters.
2: he’s purposely left his Maritime Rule responsibilities regarding the approach later than they specify – they were designed specifically to avoid this type of emergency he’s talking about with the purpose of misleading Judge Davis.
3: he’s contradicting himself as to having 1st real concerns at half a nmile away after having earlier concerns as from 2 nmiles away after turning at Sth Motuihe.
Photo 1 was taken at half a nmile away instead of making his first sound signals which were by that point well overdue.
4: his signals were to be made early enough for Classique to respond if he had concerns. Time is to be sufficient for the responding of a slower craft & in absence of a response there’s to be time for VHF & further sound signals.
5: Talk of collision as being so imminent “Within seconds” is evidence of his violating Maritime Rules & either lack of knowledge or purposeful misleading of the Court.
M Pigneguy continues – “People who get themselves in a position usually don’t know what they’re doing, so it’s a waste of time talking to them on the radio in my experience. So I don’t often talk on the radio, because the people you’re talking to think they’re in the right when they’re completely in the wrong, because they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t know the rule of the road..so I’m going to take a practical solution by altering speed and/or course to make sure we don’t collide with them & don’t end up in having an argument on the radio.”
Bolton – “Wouldn’t you agree that if you had concern I should be warned? Because I didn’t have concern & I was watching you all the time.” also with VHF on if communication required.
Another question arises – if this is happening to M Pigneguy on a regular basis, does M Pigneguy always blame the other vessel or is it because M Pigneguy doesn’t know his Rules as is evident in this case & he brings controversy upon himself because of his pedantic attitude – not a pleasant disposition to have in a relieving skipper on a commercial vessel.
Rule 22.7.1 – “Every vessel must use all available means appropriate to the prevailing circumstances & condition to determine if risk of collision exists”
Further more M Pigneguy is having these close quarters on a regular basis but this complaint to Maritime New Zealand is the only one which appears to have been prosecuted.
This vigilante type action seems to be as a result of a concerted effort by the parties pressuring MNZ – Keith Ingram of Professional skipper Magazine, Phillip Wardale of the Bayswater Marina & M Pigneguy ex Charter Association.
The depths of nautical depravity have not been reached yet.

A disgraceful attitude such as M Pigneguy displays needs taking to the cleaners.
He & his wife Dee Pigneguy write books about fun on the water etc –
perhaps the camera does double duty in recording all this fun he has pinging
his perceived ignorant recreational boaters who need education

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