Honesty in M Pigneguy’s Evidence is sadly lacking

Honesty in M Pigneguy’s Evidence is sadly lacking
It was suggested to him that the course of 286 degrees he said he was on was more like a theoretical course that would be printed on his operating chart as where he would normally go because that’s not where he was on the day & then for the 1st time he admits that it could’ve been 2 or 3 degrees either side during all that period.
M Pigneguy said earlier that he had come round Sth Motuihe to a course of 284 degrees – he said on his claim & had always maintained he’d definitely been on 286 degrees – now he could’ve been 283 or 289 degrees. Take that information & it’s seen that he has varied from 283* to 289* – which is 6 degrees that he’s now admitted to turning in the direction of Classique’s path, although to Judge Davis at least twice so far he’s denied turning at all – “Definitely no sir” etc
Bolton has determined that a course of 286* goes to the Cliff just ahead of Classique in Photo 1. A course of 284 or 283* would be very close to Classique’s bow in Photo 1. If that course had been kept by Seaway, Classique would’ve been well past Seaway before Photo 2. Seaway wasn’t seen to be varying its course up & down – it was an incremental turning in the direction of Classique’s path all the time as from Sth Motuihe until at the position of photo 1, Seaway was on 292 degrees.
It’s a further fabrication of the truth for the purpose of misleading Judge Davis that Seaway would have any yawing at all, let alone 2 or 3 degrees either side in flat water with no current – it just wouldn’t happen by itself – it was manufactured
M Pigneguy has said earlier that although he might usually keep near enough to that average course, It’s quite optional & depends on what traffic & other circumstances exist from time to time, so it seems excessively pedantic that he’s making a fuss about something he encounters often & adjusts his course or speed without creating a problem such as he’s talking of here.
He goes on to say – “I took the GPS position at the time of nearest approach to you … so that we could plot that … it’s in my original report – there was also a bearing & distance off Browns Island Light”
Bolton suggested that the GPS position wasn’t taken in the actual location as he had seen M Pigneguy fumbling the aerosol hooter outside his wheelhouse window as Seaway sped past in Rangitoto Wharf direction, well above his previous heading.
M Pigneguy insisted that “We did that on the day, in the afternoon.” What he didn’t let on was what Phillip Sweetman divulged – “in the afternoon” was once Seaway was back in Auckland & the 2 of them were preparing their evidence for the prosecution the incident had been manufactured for.
Bolton further explained that the said GPS position cannot be correct considering in the 2 nmiles Seaway travelled from Sth Motuihe, Classique had to travel 1 nmile if it was travelling half as fast as Seaway out from Nth Browns Island area where she was 1st observed by M Pigneguy – for her to be placed only ¼ nmile out from Browns Light is obviously incorrect.
What makes it even more unlikely is that Classique was crossing Nth of Browns Island when it 1st saw Seaway East of Sth Motuihe 2.7 or 3 nmiles away – so Classique would’ve travelled half of that distance, about 1.4 nmiles out from Nth of Browns.
Worse still is that an analysis of the 3 photos show that Seaway wasn’t on that line of 20 degrees True, a ¼ nmile out from the Light when Photo 3 was taken – Seaway was East of that location by the amount turned towards the path of Classique.
Judge Davis asked that the question be put to M Pigneguy again – Bolton had continued to dispute the authenticity of the GPS position as Phillip Sweetman hadn’t seen it being taken but again M Pigneguy said it had been taken immediately after the close quarters at photo 3, adding “before we moved away from that position”
That’s blatantly misleading Judge Davis to believe that Seaway had stopped but Bolton & his witness who were there at the time can verify that Seaway never even looked like slowing – it certainly didn’t stop as M Pigneguy has said several times.
When Bolton asked M Pigneguy why he wasn’t taking any positions earlier on ? – his response was “it wasn’t necessary. What was necessary was keeping an eye on the vessels around us.”
M Pigneguy had earlier said that “there were no other vessels in the vicinity” Bolton, Barry Young, Julian Joy & Photo 1 all verify that there were no other vessels of concern in the area.
The truth of M Pigneguy’s evidence doesn’t improve.

 This seems to be the legal opinion evidenced in prosecuting the wrong skipper
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