Old Generation Anchors: What’s really the problem?

Old Generation Anchors: What’s really the problem?

Fisherman and Admiralty patterns occupy a unique place in the nautical annuls of the world – however, they are now mostly relegated to that history or if they are broken, used as mooring weights ?

Without a lower fluke, they sledge easily as they aren’t very heavy by comparison with a 5 ton block of concrete which would be common as a mooring weight rated for holding a heavy vessel .

A comparison between the holding power of fisherman anchors, one  with 2 flukes & the other with 1 fluke which is obviously no match. It’s the digging power not the weight of an anchor which determines its value to hold a vessel.

The modified fisherman with one stubby fluke is similar in principle & appearance to the
offending broken anchor  which held Classique until its relatively low capacity was reached.

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