Auckland Council Insurer, Mooring Dept & M Pigneyguy alike

Auckland Council Insurers , Mooring Dept & M Pigneyguy Alike, give good demonstrations of being obdurate types.
The Insurer starts the day with insistence that arrangements to move to the alternative location will proceed as a matter of urgency & no looking at the Claim until that’s achieved – still no acknowledgement of liability from the Harbourmaster’s Office to save the extra costs of legal involvement.
M Pigneyguy was similarly acting as if he was out of touch with reality when Bolton was asking “Do you realise that if you were 80 mtrs off Classique before you sounded your 1st series of 5 signals, that’s all you could’ve done?”
It had been pointed out that as Seaway was travelling at 15.5 kts & Classique was travelling at about 7 kts, there was only 10 seconds available for action to be taken by M Pigneyguy .
Each short blast is to be of 1 second duration according to Maritime Rule 22.32 & a prolonged blast from 4 to 6 second’s duration. So there was no possibility M Pigneguy could do more than his 1st series & that left only 5 seconds for him to wait for a response from Classique.
That’s obviously insufficient & against Maritime Rule 22.8 which requires action to be taken in ample time. So there was no 2nd series of blasts either & no second time given for Classique to respond.
But regardless of rationality, M Pigneyguy’s answer was “Well between then & by the time you got to Photo 3, I’d sounded it at least 2 or 3 more times. So no, I didn’t realise that was all I could do …”
“I could actually see response was very unlikely, so I carried on sounding them. Just like talking on the radio”
M Pigneyguy was reminded again it couldn’t be done.
His answer was “And your point is?” “You should come out & try it sometime. It happens every day out there, there’s people crossing your bow all the time, every day, on the hour trip we can have 6 people each hour doing that, so we get quite good at it.”
Bolton – “But wouldn’t you agree that if you’ve got only 10 seconds to do everything you said you’d done, it couldn’t be done, it’s impossible?”
M Pigneyguy – “We move pretty quickly at times.”
“But we’ve just established haven’t we, that your 1st series of 5 blasts would take 5 seconds. You’ve got 10 seconds & you’ve run out of time because you’ve got to wait for a response.”
M Pigneguy – “Well you said you couldn’t hear it, so it wouldn’t have made a lot of difference anyway, from what I understand.”
This incredulous revelation, when it’s already been pointed out that his puny inaudible handheld aerosol hooter was also in violation of sound equipment Maritime Rule 22.33 requiring a ship’s whistle complying with Appendix 3.
This seems typical of the otherwise intelligent, qualified types in positions of responsibility creating risks then wasting Court time & resources.

Should be safer to manage –
A scooter doesn’t even need a bell

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