M Pigneguy makes comment re fantasies & downright lies

M Pigneguy makes a comment about fantasies & downright lies
It is addressed to Bolton, with criticism of the anonymity of the website & that names should be put to posts.
It was explained in response to a previous comment by M Pigneguy that Team Nautical Protocol comprises Legal, Navigational & Crewing entities of which Bolton is a member. He is willing to answer comments directly when particularly questioned on relevant details & if M Pigneguy would itemize the fantasies & downright lies he believes have been made on maritmenz.com & facebook.com/nautical.protocol they will certainly be investigated & responded to. It is very much the truth as verified by international authority that has been highlighted on these sites with a view to challenge the mis-interpretations & false testimony Bolton faced in Court. Bolton found in his preparation for the hearing that there was an appalling lack of Nautical knowledge of Collision Regulation, risk assessment & management amongst those who should know better. So if others in the maritime education business are using these sites as an educational tool, the Coastguard, senior masters & retired captains are welcome to find it entertaining along with the fundamental authenticity of the disclosures. Condolences re Classique’s misadventure are accepted by Team Nautical.Protocol & the full Comment of M Pigneguy follows…
“Mr. Bolton. I have to say that when you first put up your website I did find it somewhat irksome. But now, I and others in the maritime education business, are using it as a teaching tool. I give your website name to my students and we discuss all the issues that you raise, although I have to say they are a bit difficult to separate between your fantasies and downright lies. But it does provide a good talking point and entertainment. I have given your website to Coastguard Boating Education who are appalled at your lies and innuendos. I have also given your website to the Company of Master Mariners (of which I am a member), most of whom are either senior masters still serving at sea, or retired captains after spending a lifetime at sea. Your website has been published twice in their newsletter for all to see. I am not afraid of the content of your website as anyone who knows anything about the Rule of the Road can see right through your accusations, but it does make for an interesting discussion. You obviously don’t believe the accusations that you make yourself as you don’t put your name to them, preferring to hide behind the anonymity of the website. If you had the courage of your own convictions you would put your name to them, as I do.
However, meanwhile , we shall continue to use your website as an interesting, if somewhat misguided, educational tool.
Sorry to hear about the damage to your boat by the way.”

 Perhaps Einstein & Socrates could throw light on the subject ?

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