Partial Response from M Pigneguy can be looked at tomorrow

A Response Was Received from M Pigneguy & can be looked at tomorrow
It’s too lengthy for tonight but there’s no list of fantasies & lies which are said to be written in the posts of or Nautical Protocol, neither is there any realization of the many violations & errors in his navigation which were responsible entirely for the incident M Pigneguy manufactured.
There’s only a repetition of justification for he being right & Bolton being wrong – a stance held regardless of how conclusive & accurate Bolton’s evidence is.
If M Pigneguy has read any of these detailed posts, they don’t seem to have registered – it is hoped that the other knowledgeable people said to be critically reading them for entertainment or amazement can understand the validity of the navigational matters contained, regarding the interpretation of Maritime Collision Regulation, a Master’s obligations, good seamanship & manners.

Thinking outside a restrictive box is difficult for some people ?
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