Comment posted by M Pigneguy is not worth looking at

Comment posted by M Pigneguy is not worth looking at & is unapproved.
He still doesn’t get that Team Nautical Protocol comprises Legal, Highly Qualified Navigational & Crewing entities of which Bolton is a member, willing to answer comments directly when particularly questioned on relevant details & if M Pigneguy would itemize the fantasies & downright lies he’s concerned about they will be looked at.
M Pigneguy has embellished his experience & qualifications without verification & far in excess of those he wrote in his Brief of Evidence to the extent that they will not be repeated here – if a fraction of it is true, he has no excuse for his misleading & distorted article written in Professional Skipper Magazine where amongst other untruths, he recommended skippers to have a camera to record the errors made by ignorant recreational boaters without any suggestion they should have a complying horn & know when to use it. Neither has he any defense for his unprofessional conduct & many Collision Regulation violations as he created the close quarters he complained about for the purpose of having Bolton wrongfully prosecuted – eg. not checking the course he was on as he was turning to follow Classique, using his camera instead of having a complying ship’s whistle & using it according to ColRegs. Saying Seaway stopped when it didn’t. Making up data to share with Phillip Sweetman in collusion for the intended prosecution etc
For M Pigneguy’s benefit it is again reiterated that there was no other helmsperson. The person outside made no reference to a relative bearing – rather a comment was made about “what was going on here?” re Seaway & also said in evidence that a turn to starboard for Classique was out of the question considering it would’ve been towards the shallows & reef area of Browns Light. For M Pigneguy to continue to hold that was possible is probably the reason he obscured Browns Light & Island proximity in his Photo 1 & Barry Young unprofessionally would not allow it to be logically deduced as any navigator would be able to reasonably do.
It is testimony to the inverted integrity of M Pigneguy that he still denies that he turned towards the path of Classique & says “It clearly shows in my photos that I did not do this.” Barry Young, Julian Joy & Bolton all show from within the same photos, clear evidence that Seaway turned – it’s only the number of degrees that differs & it was Bolton who clearly showed the amount Seaway turned before photo 1 was taken.
With such a recalcitrant attitude, any book on ColRegs M Pigneguy said he’s writing, should not even be given away to risk the promulgation of misinformation to those who are innocently unsuspecting.

Comment unapproved & rejected on the grounds of recalcitrance

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