Credentials Do You No Good M Pigneguy – Comment Response

Your Credentials Do You No Good M Pigneguy  –  Response to Comment
They give you even less excuse for the debauching of Maritime Collision Regulations & a seaman’s code of honesty in your reporting & giving of evidence which you swore was true when it patently wasn’t.
That you might still be employed does your employers no credit either.
If you were wanting Bolton to explain what he was doing out there after he received your false complaint, it should’ve been obvious that he was going over the course, plotting the various positions your photos were taken from & where you say the incident occurred. In that way his findings were verified as accurate regardless of yours & Barry Young’s denial for the purpose of hoodwinking Judge Davis who due to his lack of nautical knowledge wouldn’t recognize the perjuring & misleading on technical maritime matters by prosecution witnesses.
If you would itemize the arguments on this site you regard as totally illogical – you will have them looked at – this is at least the 3rd time recently you’ve been asked to do that. For you to have a problem with the facts as presented here is understandable – you act as if you still don’t know  your Colregs & master’s responsibilies – you continue in a state of oblivion denying other people full knowledge of the facts  of the case.
You’ve managed to have the wrong skipper prosecuted & it’s about time this miscarriage of justice is redressed.

Prejudice caused a miscarriage of Justice against Bolton who was not Guilty

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