M Pigneguy’s 2nd follow up comment is of a similar vein

M Pigneguy’s follow up comment is of a similar unsatisfactory vein
“and methinks he doth protest too much” Again he has tried to justify his own multiple violations of Maritime Collision Regulations as if having credentials in some futile way excuses his errant behavior.
His unsubstantiated accusations of lies etc on this forum still have not been itemized by him for assessment, neither has M Pigneguy responded to the numerous highlighting here of his untruths & misleading statements he made to the Court.
Bolton is more concerned that he was wrongly convicted on the false evidence & erroneous testimony of the prosecution witnesses taking advantage of Judge Davis’ admitted lack of nautical knowledge.
Furthermore Bolton’s reputation has been badmouthed only by the infamous trio intent on their course of water front vigilante-ism.
Let it be reiterated that Bolton has never been charged for any breach of Maritime Law in spite of the continual allegations to Maritime NZ from that group which included M Pigneguy. Neither has Bolton ever breached Maritime Law in his entire history of international & commercial Seamanship
It’s time for M Pignegy to own up to his dishonest conduct & many violations of Maritime Collision Regulations in the manufacturing of his alleged incident

“and methinks he doth protest too much”
without listing the items he calls lies on this forum
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