The Lawyers For Maritime New Zealand Get Possessive …

The Lawyers For Maritime New Zealand Get Possessive Of A Domain Name?
Bolton received a letter requesting that the Domain Name of immediately stops being used as it may confuse the public as to whether MNZ is associated with it or endorses the views expressed here. It might be clarified again that Nautical Protocol is a consortium of Qualified Legal & Navigational Entities (including Bolton) with concern that Justice is seen to be done in this case where they got the wrong skipper.
The letter was concerned that comments as to the truthfulness of evidence given in court proceedings may be defamatory & actionable by those identified.
The writer of that letter can be assured of the truthfulness of every item brought to light here & there can be no action from those identified in that case – in fact if there is any action, it will be taken against them for their perjury & misleading evidence which hoodwinked a Judge who should’ve been able to rely upon the integrity of the prosecution witnesses including that of Crown Law which instead went along with it to further milk the Public Purse.
In the meantime a disclaimer has been entered on the title page of & an explanation written in the “About” page – “This site is in no way connected to Maritime New Zealand’s Official Website – MNZ does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by Nautical Protocol.
It is against all natural sense of NZ Justice that Waterfront Vigilantes can coerce MNZ into ignoring all the evidence that Bolton is not guilty while it accepts an impossible & implausible claim to action by employing a purported expert witness who ignores his Code of Conduct by acting as a dishonest hired gun with Crown Law going along with it, ignoring their Code of Conduct to act with integrity – all the while ignoring the blatant violation of so many Maritime Collision Regulations by M Pigneguy in the manufacturing of his alleged incident.

Codes of Conduct, Prosecution Policies & Truth ignored

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