M Pigneguy’s Article writing Skullduggery of Prosecution

More of M Pigneguy’s Article writing Skullduggery about Prosecution
1: He says – “On regular runs, it is common to line the vessel’s bow up with a known landmark to keep on the preferred track … I brought her round to head for the tallest building in Takapuna on 286* True, checking the compass heading at the time”
The discrepancy here is that neither he nor Phillip Sweetman checked the compass – 286* True is not towards the tall building but to the white cliffs just ahead of where Classique appears in Photo 1. In his evidence at Court M Pigneguy said he brought Seaway round to 284* True which would or should have put Classique right on Seaway’s port bow in Photo1.
2: M Pigneguy in his article, next divulges that “I sighted Classique, just to the North of Browns Island, on our port bow & crossing port to starboard. At this time she was aprox 2 nmiles away & at our speed of 15.5 kts we had the potential time of around 6 minutes before collision, if indeed we were on a collision course.”
The nonsense of this inaccurate assessment is that Classique was 2.8nmiles away from the point at which Seaway turned at Sth Motuihe towards her & the travelling time for Seaway to cover that distance is more like 10 minutes – almost double the time M Pigneguy calculates.
Further more it is absolutely impossible for there to be any chance of a collision when Classique at 2.8 miles away being 5 degrees on Seaway’s port bow is travelling at 7 kts across Seaway’s initially intended track. Logically, in the time Seaway covers 2.8 nmiles, Classique is going to cover 1.4 nmiles ie half Seaway’s distance.
According to his evidential chart produced showing the point of incident at 020* True x 0.25 nmiles from Browns Light, M Pigneguy has Classique travelling, at the most, ¾ nmile, so his point of incident cannot be correct – Classique would have to be East of that by another half nmile indicating therefore that Seaway had been well above its stated course of 284* or 286* & was on the course of 297* calculated by Bolton, at point of closest approach, Photo 3.
The article continues …

Showing where the stated courses of 284* & 286* point to from Sth Motuihe.
Showing where Seaway was heading on courses of 292*, 295* & 297* when Photos 1, 2 & 3 were taken

Instead of a 1.4 nmile distance, just a conservative1nmile line is centred on Browns Light
showing how Classique would have to be well East of the course
& point of incident M Pigneguy drew on his evidential chart


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