M Pigneguy Doesn’t Get The Picture & Fabricates His Article

M  Pigneguy Doesn’t Get The Picture & Fabricates His Article
In the Professional Skipper Magazine fairy tale after the vigilante type prosecution of Bolton he was responsible for constructing  – he writes …

“Another accusation by Bolton was that I had photoshopped the photographs to make it look like Classique was closer than she really was. He then went on to produce a photo that he had (very poorly & obviously) altered himself to make it look like Classique was further away.”

1: M Pigneguy seems incapable of getting his facts right even though Bolton put his evidence in writing, explained it thoroughly to Maritime New Zealand & Mark Davies of Crown Law in the months leading up to the prosecution & to Judge Davis at Court with the cross-examination of M Pigneguy himself.

Bolton had not accused M Pigneguy of photoshopping – the accusation was for zooming of photo 3 to give the appearance of closer proximity for exaggeration.

If the width of Seaway’s ramp is measured, in photos 1 & 2 it is the same but in photo 3 it is wider. This was pointed out at the interview with Maritime New Zealand who just let it go over their comprehension but in Court, M Pigneguy admitted he had zoomed it with the excuse of photo composition in some way but it is just cunning to artificially alter the appearance of photo 3 he is stating shows  a true portrayal of situation for evidential purpose.  What caught Bolton’s early attention to this discrepancy was that Photo 3 just looked too obviously closer than the appearance he had looking over from Classique.

2: Creating further distortion is that Seaway’s wheelhouse is built over to the port side of centre line which also gives a strange view over the starboard bow almost obscuring the amount of water between the vessels.

It was for that reason Bolton endeavored  to show Maritime New Zealand, Mark Davies/Crown Law & Judge Davis how much actual water there was hidden by the starboard bow & deck construction of Seaway.

Classique is 22 mtrs long & fairly voluminous – She looks strangely small in photo 3, which raises questions. If she was actually as close as M Pigneguy would have everyone believe, she should look more appropriately her size – therefore it stands to reason that she’s more like 80 mtrs away rather than the minimal distances M Pigneguy & others say.

Bolton made no attempt to hide that he had tried to erase the starboard bow area in his photo, in fact he apologized  that due to his unfamiliarity with the “MS Paint” programme, his efforts didn’t look as clear as he had hoped but combined with his description of the unusual location of Seaway’s wheelhouse giving a distorted view over the starboard bow, perhaps a better idea of the separating distance might be gained.
Unfortunately that photo is not accessible for inclusion at this time.

M Pigneguy flies a kite – zooms & gives his readers the bird

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