M Pigneguy Takes A Silly Swipe at the Crew Of Classique

M Pigneguy Takes A Silly Swipe at the Crew Of Classique In His Professional Skipper Magazine Article

He thought the lady Crew standing by the outside sailing helm was steering during the crossing from Browns Island to Sth Motuihe – the period of concern but Bolton had taken over responsibility at the inside steering  station beside the engine controls – in the Wheelhouse.

Like a pedantic misogynist who has a psychological problem with recreational boaters in general whom he regards as ignorant – he wound her up hugely with his inexcusable misquoting of what she gave in evidence in Court as a witness. She made a comment a couple of days ago  in http://www.facebook.com/nautical.protocol

– “Do not get me started on the mistruths published re my evidence .. show me where in the court transcripts I said anything like the Prof. Skippers misquotes! I disdained from charging them both with libel, because they are “bottom feeders” Not worth cluttering up file 13!” (Rubbish bin)

M Pigneguy wrote in his Professional Skipper Magazine article after the Court Hearing when he should’ve known  better – “Meanwhile his witness, the lady on the helm, said she had taken a relative bearing of us & had recognized we were indeed on a collision course but had assumed we would go to port around their stern. Upon the last sounding of my five blasts as Classique slid past our starboard bow, she waved at me. In the witness stand she said they often wave at other ferries that hoot at them”

M Pigneguy is as untruthful in this portrayal as he was not only in the witness stand at Court but in his writing of his article regarding the Hearing. As he has repeatedly done, he has disregarded the facts & fictionalized information which has the effect of making his article appear to be an entirely dishonest report.

Under cross examination this lady only asked Bolton – “What’s going on here?” she testified further “the Captain said the ferry would pass astern of us & it did.”  Furthermore she witnessed – “We passed clear by 60 to 80 mtrs that is, 2 to 3 boat lengths of Classique.”  She didn’t comment in Court on a relative bearing or any risk of collision – that was suggested to her by Mark Davies/Crown Law during cross-examination. It certainly was expected by both on Classique that Seaway would turn to port & head for Auckland otherwise to pass safely astern of Classique.

M Pigneguy didn’t sound 5 blasts as Classique slid past Seaway’s bow – both observed Seaway passing Classique’s stern with M Pigneguy fumbling his hand held aerosol hooter out of his wheelhouse window to make a couple of indistinct sounds as he sped past. Bolton waved also to acknowledge Seaway’s safe passing, as did the lady crew who said, according to the Court transcripts – “we often wave to other vessels to acknowledge a clear crossing.” This is, as M Pigneguy & his readers must know, is a common courtesy seafarers practice internationally.

This lady crew also testified that Seaway neither slowed down or stopped but charged past astern of Classique at its regular speed – She politely advises “If M Pigneguy wishes to quote Court transcripts, he should use less poetic license, more accuracy & have greater respect for the Court records”

The Court did not recognize that this witness was a serious sailing student with equal  seatime to Phillip Sweetman, the trainee watchman on Seaway.

                          Professional Skipper’s “Poetic License”

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