Poetic License – M Pigneguy & Professional Skipper Magazine

More Poetic License – M Pigneguy & Professional Skipper Magazine
He writes as if oblivious to the knowledge that the public were attending the Vigilante type prosecution of M Bolton – the wrongly convicted skipper of yacht Classique who appears to have been maliciously framed by M Pigneguy & Maritime New Zealand with Crown Law quite willingly to milk the public purse.

“The case was an interesting demonstration of how our democratic system works when we allow someone with obviously minimal legal knowledge & as it turned out, minimal knowledge of the rules of the Road to tie up a courtroom for the best part of 3 days for something that should have taken a morning at most. He had me in the witness box for the best part of 5 hours, during which time we went around in circles with his rather obscure questioning technique.”

1: M Pigneguy didn’t have to bother with legal knowledge considering Maritime New Zealand & Crown Law wanted to action his impossible & unlikely claim for their own unethical reasons but it was M Pigneguy,  Maritime New Zealand & Mark Davies of Crown Law/Meredith Connell who were sadly deficient in the proper interpretation of the Rules of the Nautical Road.

2: As far as it being a demonstration of a democratic system working, it was the most disgusting display of a sectional group of self appointed waterfront vigilantes, unprofessionally hijacking an otherwise conventional District Court.

3: Regarding M Pigneguy saying it was “something that should’ve taken a morning at most” – it was a travesty of Justice that it went to Court at all. Right from the very 1st reports  M Pigneguy & Bolton wrote, it was obvious that the entire litany of Maritime Collision Regulation violations were committed by  M Pigneguy as he manufactured his close quarters incident to complain about.

4: The time M Pigneguy occupied in the witness box would’ve been nil if he had been honest in his evidence starting with his initial report to Maritime New Zealand but with his recital of untruths, misleading statements & prevarication under cross-examination, it was not possible for Bolton to get a straight answer out of him.

5: If any one got leniency, M Pigneguy got the most extreme amount of letting off every Collision Regulation violation he committed, as well as the Sealink company owning Seaway ll for operating the ferry without a complying signaling system for what appears to have been a considerable time – M Pigneguy himself apparently had no qualms about having an inadequate hand held aerosol hooter to use, he seemed to think it was normal – he didn’t know his Maritime obligations regarding signaling during a maneuver or approach.

6: Unfortunately we cannot count ourselves lucky when such miscarriage of Justice is allowed to continue without redress.

More “Poetic License” perpetrated by M Pigneguy
in Professional Skipper Magazine

as Crown Law milks the public purse.

Nautical Rules of The Road – Paul Bossier
Click here – Nautical Rules of the Road

Nautical Rules of The Road

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