Plausibility Permeates M Pigneguy’s Article in Prof. Skipper

Plausibility Permeates M Pigneguy’s Article in Professional Skipper Magazine
He thought Judge Davis who readily admitted having no nautical knowledge, picked up the salient points of the case & was considerate of Bolton’s lack of legal knowledge, giving him every assistance when needed, with justice at last being seen to be done when Bolton was convicted for operating Classique in a manner which caused unnecessary danger  etc – Sec 65 Marine Transport Act.

Of course this is par for the course – deliberately deceptive for the purpose of his article – except that Judge Davis did apologize about 7 times for his paucity of Nautical Knowledge.

What M Pigneguy calls “salient points” were the perjurous & misleading statements made by the prosecution witnesses including Mark Davies of Crown Law/Meredith Connell to hoodwink Judge Davis, taking advantage of his unfamiliarity with the technical Maritime matters essential to the proper determination of the case.

Bolton appreciated the assistance given during the hearing regarding Court procedure but being a layman legally, he was no match for the bias which unfairly favoured those with credentials whom Judge Davis should have been able to rely upon to be honest, helpful to the Court & with integrity, abiding by their sworn Code of Conduct.

A severe miscarriage of justice was perpetrated against Bolton – the skipper whose peaceful passage was harassed  as a consequence of the many violations of Maritime Collision Regulations executed in a poor & unprofessional manner by M Pigneguy, it appears, both intentionally & inadvertently.

The entire  procedure  leading up to the frivolous & malicious prosecution taking no account of the bulk of evidence showing that Bolton was not guilty.

Apparently Maritme New Zealand required the plausibility of M Pigneguy


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