M Pigneguy Concludes His Article in Prof Skipper Magazine

M Pigneguy Concludes His Article in Professional Skipper Magazine
by saying that those skippers of commercial craft who tend to turn a blind eye to the rule book for the sake of convenience are unprofessional but until the day arrives when everyone has a certificate to operate a private craft, those who are professional will just have to keep a sharp lookout & keep a camera at the ready.

M Pigneyguy also said in his Court evidence that  more or less on every trip he made, had recreational boaters at the rate of about 6 per hour, making collision regulation errors to the extent he had given up trying to communicate with them – so if M Pigneguy had got into the habit of ignoring them for the sake of convenience, it sounds as if he is calling the professional skippers kettle black – they wouldn’t have the time or patience to be bothered either.

This raises the question as to why Classique was singled out for particular attention. Bolton’s craft had been identified 2.8 nmiles away as Seaway turned at Sth Motuihe & M Pigneguy had begun a discussion with trainee watchman Phillip Sweetman as to how an incident was about to be photographed in the making, as a lesson in navigational pedantry not only because of his attitude towards ignorant recreational boaters in general but because of his antagonism towards Bolton in particular.

Unfortunately neither M Pigneguy nor Phillip Sweetman kept a proper look out – no course or location was checked & having a camera substituting for a ship’s complying whistle used according to Maritime collision regulations, is most unprofessional advice for his presumably professional readers in conclusion.

                                “I don’t mean to be pedantic” he lied

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